Growing portulacas.


Portulacas, also called as moss roses and 9’clk.
The reason they are called 9′ clk is, the flower of this plant bloom at 9. They die by the time it’s 4 in the afternoon. Sad but that’s what life has chosen for them. But the happiness one feel when they bloom in every color possible is very intense. Except in blue.
Portulacas love sun.
Should be sown where you plan to grow them. Though they are tough ones, can handle as much change you give them but acc to my experience they love it when you don’t disturb them. ( but I think that’s goes with every plant)
Here are few pictures in different stages of portulacas life. Enjoy:)

Portulaca’s are the kind of the flowers that grows according to the size of the pot. Bigger the pot Bigger the plant.
DSC_1508 DSC_1496 DSC_1495 DSC_1494 DSC_1493 POrtulacas in shoes



                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HAPPY GERMINATING!!

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