When I planned, that this is one flower I would like to grow in my small terrace. I was little skeptical. I am a new Gardner after all. Sunflower love open fields. The idea of growing them in pots was little weird. Though I read about them that they do perfectly fine in big pots. Keeping positive attitude in mind I decided to give a try.
I bought 10 seeds for rs120.
Keeping in mind they are big seeds I decided I should germinate them before I plant them in soil. Birds love sunflower seeds so I was worried what will happen to my only 10 seeds. I used paper towel germination technique for them..
Take the kitchen paper towel.
Make it wet.
Place the seeds, fold the napkin couple of times.
Put it in a zip lock bag and place the bag on the top of the fridge ot some place warm.
I live in Mumbai so it stays warm literally 12 months in a year. (blessing for pants)
After 3 days couple of sunflower seed sprouted. And after couple more days another 4. The rest 3 never sprouted. Which I through, sadly.
After panting 7 seeds in the soil mix with some compost. 5 saw the light of the day.:))) yeyyy! My first sunflowers!
Things I learned while growing them:-
They love sun. ( obviously, their name suggests) 
Transferring  them to different pots hamper their growth.
They should be sown where you actually want them to.
I have a proof, I had planted 3 seeds in one pot. The One I never shifted is so big as compare to the ones I did shifted.
Well few things you learn only when you try.
For now I am waiting for my sunflower to bloom. Which should be happening in another 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to it and will thrill you with the pictures of the same. For now enjoy these.


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