They are one of my favorite herbs. And then why not!? They are easiest to grow, yummy to eat, smells like heaven.
Ready to harvest in one month, these herbs can be used to make Pesto sauce, can be put in salads and can be part of many Italian cuisine.

Just sow the seeds on the soil. cover it with thin layer of compost and Walla!!
They will be ready to harvest in no time.
y Considering they love sun.
Keeping Mumbai weather in mind, I think this one herb, I will be able to grow through out the year. Only thing one has to do is not to let them flower.. and if they do, because you were too busy to cut their flowers when they were growing. Just cut the flowers when you can.. I literally bought almost dead plant.. who has given up producing leaves.. back to life.  (well, once they start to flower they use all their energy in just flowering, they think time to produce leaves is over)

So just cut the flowers.. either dry them and keep it in a tight container for later use, so you can grow them again. Or if you live in a tropical climate like me, Just cut the flowers and spread them on the soil.. keep watering the plant like you would do with any other one… they will dry automatically.. and will start to grow as if nothing changed.

Also how easy they are to grow.. You will see the proof in the pictures below.. While pruning basil, flower of it fell in a pot which contains tulsi( Indian basil) n portulacas. You can see in the picture below.. Mr.basil can come any where. πŸ™‚ OHHHH BASIL!  

Now comes the harvest part and time to make pesto sauce. Yummy in t tummy. πŸ™‚


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