Growing cucumbers!

CUCUMBERS!! I just adore the way they sound. CU-CUM-BER! 😉

I planted two seeds, yes Only Two Seeds of this plant, in a non-drain-able  small pot. Yes! Only two seeds and non-drain-able pot.
(Terrible gardening)
What are the rates of two seeds sprouting!? My terrace was full with pots.. small small seedlings growing everywhere..
I made a decision.. I should plant rest of the plants and flowers after Rain. Yes! Mumbai Rain is round the corner and here it rains like cats and dogs(literally).
So chances of my cucumbers sprouting was literally .0 %. I mean they would probably sprout… but how will they do in rain.. I had no clue about it…
And then Universe who is in love with me now a days.. decided to give me 100% success rate. Both the seeds sprouted in a non-drain-able pots.
I am repeating again and again non-drain-able pot because.. plants love drain-able pots and not the vice-versa.
BOth the seeds sprouted.. :))) One was bigger than the other one.. and 2nd one came 2 days after the first one. So first one was much stronger. Like any other gardner. who would suggest always to let go of your weak seedlings… It make totally sense. Keeping the small places in mind.. one should get rid of weak seadlings and keep only the strong ones.
But in the case of my cucumbers.. I wanted to keep both… Rather, Like any new parent I wanted to take care of my weak kid more than the strong one.. because the feeling one get once they fight back is immense.
It’s not been long since I have put Cucumbers in the POTS. (Yes! One can easily grow cucumbers in the Pots)
And they are doing just perfectly fine. I have now put both the plants in separate pots so they don’t have to fight with each other for survival.

There are couple of pictures.. which will tell how they look as per now.. the rest once they grow(and I hope they do) will be getting back to you with more pictures and information.


5 responses to “Growing cucumbers!

  1. Hi. I am planning to grow cucumber in a pot. Can you help me with more details like – seeds, soil, etc? Thanks.

    • Hi meghana, cucumbers need big pots. They have really long roots. Soil – loose soil is good for any plants. Take normal soil n mix with cocopeet n perlite.
      You have to germinate seeds in small pot. Party paper cup Wil be perfect.

    • HI meghna! So sorry for late reply, I have no idea how I missed your comment. Cucumbers are beautiful to grow. soil and seeds can easily be bought from any gardening shop. I usually buy my seeds from kandhivali. Most important thing while planting cucumbers.. make sure there is a big Pot. Cucumbers have long roots. hope this is helpful.
      Happy Germinating 🙂

    • Sorry for replying late… did you manage to buy seeds… check local nurseries first… its better that you buy seeds from india then outside unless you are growing something which comes from their climate. online sites – theyoung , ebay is good too.

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