Compost made by recycled Tea


Easy peasy… no drama!!
some plants need fertilizer. But me being afraid of word ‘fertilizer’, decided to substitute fertilizer with something homemade.
And then why not?
By using compost tea which will be replaced with chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, you can garden safer and be more protective of the environment.
Here you go!!Step 1
Collect the used tea bags…(make sure tea bags are not dipped in milk. Sugar is fine.. As plants like sugar.. but milk, cream.. (no-no)

Step 2
Let them dry for few days under sun.

Step 3
Take out the dry leaves from the tea bags.

Step 4
Keep it in a cool place in a air-tight box.

Whenever need to be used…
Take some dry tea leaves.. mix it in some water.. let it soak for couple of hours and then…

Walla!!! Ready to use.
Pour it any plant that need fertilizer…

I used it in my Cucumbers plant today :))


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  1. Hi, I am glad you liked my post. I am new at blogging, so still trying to find my footing. You can follow me or write comments if you need be. GO GREEN means GO Planting 🙂 Will surely check your blog. Enjoy

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