BEETROOT And it’s Leaves!!

Growing Beets!

Did you know that leaves of the beetroot are awesome for Salads and can be used in lot of cuisines.
Well! To be honest I had no clue about it. Till I planted too many beets in one pot.
Like any professional Gardner, one would suggest take out the weak seedlings and leave the strong ones so they can thrive nicely and produce good fruits.

Me on the other hand.. hates this Idea. (what a waste)
But I had no choice.. there were 50 seedlings growing in one pot. I even tried to take the seedlings of beet out and I tried to regrow them in different pot.
RESULT: Beets are one of the plants that doesn’t survive the change. They has to be planted where you plan to grow them.

So I decided let them grow as it is. Let them become big enough, than I can use them in my salad. And then I can leave just about 6 seedlings in one big pot  and enjoy the beets when they grow.

While growing beets!

First of all: place the seeds of the beet in a small cup and let them soak in water for half a day. You will surely get better results.
As far as kind of Pot is concern, I used one of my old bath bucket for beets.  (recycle!!)
They love loose soil and lot of compost.

Loose soil: I picked up from the road sides.
Compost : I bought the best one.
But do you know how much soil and compost one needs to put it in a big bucket.(quite some)

While preparing the pots for beets, I fell shot of loose soil.
How to fill the bucket??


My seeds which were in water for than a half day had swollen nicely and were ready to be planted.

So I did something ;p (CRAZY)
I put mango peels, banana peels and egg shells to fill my bucket. Thinking that beet are ready to be harvested in less than two months.. before this all will rot my beets will be ready!
Beet is a cold climate crop, thinking what are the chances of me getting them right were too little and my seeds were in the water for too long.. (they would have been spoiled) I decided to go ahead with me invention.
RESULT: They seems to be loving the mango, banana peels inside :))
They still need to produce beets but their leaves seems to be growing perfectly.
And today is the day, I will be eating my salad made of beet leaves and I will be leaving the rest so they can produce beets. (hopefully)


Don’t make the mistake I made, after planting beets, I have realized that they will do well in big rectangular pot instead of round pots.


One response to “BEETROOT And it’s Leaves!!

  1. Hi Shipra, Nice post !!!…It would be very helpful if you also post the specifics of the type of soil used, the mixture ratio and the type of containers used. Am sure this would help a lot of aspiring and confused gardners…..:-)

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