Sunflower blooming!

If I were a flower.. I would be a sunflower.
To always follow the sun, Turn my back to darkness,
Stand proud, tall and straight even with my head full of seeds. (anonymous)


It takes exactly one week for a sunflower to bloom fully.

Once your Sunflower Blooms, If you want to cut the flowers, then cut them and bring them in, one can use it for the decoration in the house. If you want to look at them in the garden then do so. They last a little longer in the garden.
Sad part is 😦
They only flower once and then make seed and die.

Once Sunflower blooms, it withers in one week. After that you can leave the withered flower as it is for a month. Then you can cut it off and harvest the seeds…. either eat them, or save them for planting next year. Just be aware that birds and squirrels love sunflower seeds as much as people do.

Enjoy the pictures:))


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