Grow Coriander, mustard, chillies, Bitter Gourd straight from you kitchen.

SEEDS! Straight from the kitchen.

The first thing that comes to one’s mind before you start planting is what to plant and where to get seeds from.
What to plant!? I would leave this one for you guys.
What seeds can be sown, straight from your kitchen to garden-

Here you go…

Coriander seeds :

Yes! corriander seeds,  Can be grown directly to your garden/pots.

 If you want quicker germination results, cut the coriander seeds in half.

coriander seeds cut in to half germinates in 7-10days, while full coriander seeds takes 2-3weeks. you can sow both of them, so by the time you harvest first batch, second batch starts to sprout.

Bitter Gourd :- (which is also called Karela in India) Cut the vegetable in to half.. take out the seed, wash it, let it dry on a clean cloth under the light. (direct if and sow directly in your garden/pots.
My sister-in-law.. recently did the same and she got awesome results with her plant. Her plant gave beautiful flowers and the fruit of course.

picture courtesy: Helen Seth

Cucumbers – I have never tried this before.. but I truly believe one could use the same method as Bitter gourd and sow the seeds.Only thing to keep in mind is they should not be hybrid cucumbers, they should be bought from the farm market.
I personally ordered them on line.

Chillies- how can one miss them!! They look so beautiful in your garden:)
One can use dry chillies, cut it in to half and use the seeds as it is.

Mustard Seeds:
I have never tried this one before.. but Mustard seeds can be sown directly on the soil as well. The young leaves of the plant can be used in different salads.
This one I will be trying right now!

So choose what you want to sow today!
Go planting!


2 responses to “Grow Coriander, mustard, chillies, Bitter Gourd straight from you kitchen.

  1. Shipra, it's very hot in Delhi these days… scorching hot. My basil withered perhaps i did not water it and it was kept right under sunlight…also the above plants (coriander, chilli, mustard) should be kept in sunlight or?{Keeping the Delhi weather in mind kindly guide}

  2. Hi Hina, Keeping Delhi weather in mind, give your basil shade in the noon for 3-4 hours. And yes! you need to make sure you watered them regularly. Check the soil, it should be wet not soggy but it shouldn't be dry either. If need be water them couple of times in a day. Chili loves sun but also water.. they get dry faster than other plants. I was watering my chilies twice in a day in mumbai. As I said keep a check on soil. Coriander can be shifted under shade at afternoon too. Mustard – partial shade (especially in delhi) HAPPY GARDENING!

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