how to grow an Upside down tomato plant!


You have less space to grow vegetables… this one is for you!
It’s true, you can grow plants upside down! It’s a great way to save space and requires less work because upside down plants don’t need to be staked.
Also When you grow tomatoes upside down you don’t have to worry about cutworms or ground fungus.

An upside down garden can be grown inside, on your patio, balcony, or in the backyard. Good plants to use are:

  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • eggplants
  • beans
  • cucumbers
  • squash

I am trying to grow my tomato plant upside down.. It’s very easy!
Grow the seedlings first.
Choose the container for the plant. I choose the simple water bottle.

As you can see, I have cut the base part of it. Punch out the holes using a hole puncher, or use a sharp tool to insert holes on the bottle for good drainage also so that the string can pass.

Fill the water bottle with a mixture of good compost and garden soil.

  Knot the string in place with loops to attach to the hangers you’ve made.

 You’re now ready to begin growing your upside-down tomato plant.

    Be aware that the water tends to dribble out of the neck of the bottle; this will gradually reduce as the root system develops.

    PS: I think I used small bottle, I should have used big one. Also one can use small buckets or pots to make an upside down planter.

    Happy gardening! 🙂 


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