blood lily in goa!

                                                    HAVE YOU SEEN THEM!

I recently had a ‘Just’  Two day trip to Goa.. irrespective, it was the 50th trip of life, Goa still manages to aww struck me!

Stay with Beautiful, dangerous looking two Big-Big Rottis, Meeting a friend who lives with 10 crazy, vicious pit bulls, Saw one dead snake, one live one. Sky changing from shinning, bright Sun to cloudy, windy day, Learning about more plants and flowers from my very special 74 year old hippie friend. My protective, loving, awesome, can’t live without friend, Kazi. 
Gorgeous, breathtaking Peacock crossing the road while I ride with my favorite person in the world,my husband.
And Yes! All of this happened in two days.

Irrespective I came back with many beautiful moments… the one which simple took my breath away.. was these big bright orange flowers blooming on the side of Goa roads. 

Aren’t they beautiful? I just couldn’t take my eyes off them..  what are they? where did they come from? I wondered looking at them.. only If there was an app that you take a picture and you will know history about the plants.. I wondered what to call them.

The plant looks so much like lilies.. Well! They actually are!   
These bright red-orange flowers are called Scadoxus multiflorus are native from southern Africa.They are also called Blood lily.
The Portuguese brought them in India, planted them around their houses and now they spread all over the coastal area.
These flowers announce monsoon. Hence you can see them.. only in starting of June. 

Airy, alien looking, red-orange balls about the size of a small beach ball (up to 10 inches in diameter), consisting of numerous tiny flowers – up to 200, each with miniscule yellow stamens explode upon the scene in early summer on stout, solid, 1-foot stalks. 
TRUST me, pictures are not doing justice to them.. See them in real, they will just take your breath away. 



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