DILL – How to Grow.

               DILL : How to grow and Harvest!

Dill is one if the easiest herb to grow. 

It’s very easily grown from seed sown in later spring to early summer.But keeping Mumbai weather in mind, It can be grown through out the year except the monsoon season. 

I had sown some of the seeds in a small pot and few in a pig chili pot. As you can see they are hiding behind the chili seedlings. 

Bear in mind that dill does not do well when changed from it’s position. 

So they say šŸ˜‰ Well in my case I have accidentally dropped one of Dill plant.. The pot broke on the floor.. taking every root of Dill out. I replanted them.. and guess what!? They did perfectly fine. 

Dill plant love sun, prefers poor soil provided it’s well drained. 

LOVES Sunlight. 

Good Compost will work in the favor of the plant. 

How to sow: 

Spread the seed on the top of the soil, cover it with a thin layer of good compost. In 7-10 days.. seedlings will germinate..  thin the seedlings 10-12 inches apart.

And Here you go : 

Pinch off growing shoots of young plants to encourage bushines

I recently harvested my Dill šŸ™‚


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