How to Grow LETTUCE!


Lettuce is a surprisingly easy crop to grow indoors. It has a short-term but plentiful yield and only requires minimal care: standard potting soil, a little water, and shade… that’s all it really takes. This vegetable is so easy to grow, in fact, that you can skip traditional potting altogether and sow your seeds into disposable plastic bags too.

As the root of this plant is very shallow… one doesn’t need big pots for this one.   As a general rule, lettuce should be planted in sunny or partially shaded sites that are sheltered from the wind.

Type of pots: Lettuce does not have a particularly deep root system, so a medium container should offer plenty of room. Plastic works better than terra cotta clay pots, since clay absorbs water and dries out the soil faster than plastic. 


 I used a a width wise long pot. made two rows… Loosen up the soil with a pitchfork or broad fork. Remove all weeds and large stones.

Drop the seeds into the rows. I made two rows in my pot.. making 7-8 holes. I placed 3-4 seeds in one hole. Gently cover the seeds with soil. Lightly firm the soil by tamping above the planted seeds.

If the soil is dry when you are planting the seeds, immediately water the seeds after planting. You should keep the soil moist, as moisture and heat are essential for germination.

SOIL : Loose-leaf lettuce is about as “no fuss” as a vegetable can be, so you don’t need anything fancy. A standard all-purpose potting mix should work just fine.

Temperature : Lettuce prefers cool weather…so shade works for them nicely. 

I did a mistake… I had put too many seeds.. resulted in crowded lettuce.
Hence I waited for them to grow little.. and then I shifted some in different pots.

I took some of the seedlings and planted them in one more pot.

Now they are growing beautifully too.
I finally made three pots out of one. And yesterday harvested some… so rest of them get more space in pot to grow nicely.



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