One can grow anything in Pots!

Before I continue further with my first ever blog, which I don’t know if anyone is reading even. I hope some of you are 😉
 Let me tell you something about myself. I live in Mumbai. Yes Mumbai, where houses are like pigeon holes. Having a big house in this city is a dream for so many. Hence having a garden is even more distant dream than the first one. Luckily I live in a house which has a terrace. A small One. But enough to grow day to day herbs and vegetables and of course flowers. What is a garden without flowers right!?
One fine day, I got up and said I will plant from now onwards and not only plant and forget about them but plant and make sure to take care of them.

This is what they need.. little care and in return one get so much from plants..
Lot of my friends said.. we would have grown vegetables at home but there is no space…
SPACE!! Please! So many vegetables can be grown in pots!
Yes! Pots… and then In the beginning one doesn’t have to invest in big pots either..
One can give it a try by using recycled pots.. like.. milk cartons, yogurt mugs,  Paint basket and of course.. my favorite. a torn shoe!
TRUST ME! One Can grow anything in pot.
You don’t believe me?
Check out the pictures…

I am growing capsicum in a milk carton.

Portulacas and chamomile in a Shoe.

Sunflower in a paint bucket.

NEW ADDITION: portulacas in a old Toilet POT 🙂

And last but not the least… my husband in a big barrel. 😉
Happy Gardening!!


9 responses to “One can grow anything in Pots!

  1. hi dearie, loved ur blog… very useful, insightfulnow couple of ques i have:-im like this amteurish gardner who is about to start her gardeninghehe1. can i plant seeds in old coffee mugs?2. Do all plants need to be in drainable pots (i mean pots ke neechey hole hona imp)3. what all plants can i grow without going to the market to buy seeds4. Cucumber plant that you're growing… seeds you got from the market?Kindly guide and throw some light… thanks

  2. hi Hina,thanks for the support!! It really means a lot. As I said idea for this blog was to inspire only 10 people to plant. I would feel my debt to the Universe is been paid off 🙂 As far as for your questions :1. can i plant seeds in old coffee mugs?YES! One can, Though every plant need to have a drain able pot. so drilling holes could be a problem, unless and until you have a little cracked mug. which will work. 2. Do all plants need to be in drainable pots (i mean pots ke neechey hole hona imp)yes, almost all plants like dranable pots.3. what all plants can i grow without going to the market to buy seedsPlease check my next blog for this one.

  3. Coriander – if you put only one seedling. Chilli – likes big plants. Mustard – they grow quite long.. but you can.. if you want to use mustard seedlings for salad and not for cooking. But as I always say.. Most of the plant prefers bigger plant. You could surely experiment and sow seeds in both the containers. HAPPY GERMINATING 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I NEED a husband plant! I How many can you grow at one time??? LOLOL. My husband would love this as we could grow a new husband that likes to do lawn work! And one for household repairs!!! 🙂

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