Cucumbers are flowering!!


Do you remember my little seedlings, I posted last in my “How to grow Cucumber” blog.
Well that’s where we left last : on 22.05.13


  And this is how they look now :     after one month. :))))
  Aren’t they beautiful!

And if this doesn’t inspire you to plant at least one plant, I guess you and nature have never met.

For those who are close to Nature and ready to plant, here you go!

STAKING CUCUMBERS : Once the cucumber plant start to grow vines.. it’s time to stake them.

 Well in my case.. I had kept them next to the stairs.. I just started putting strings in between them.. so they get more things to hang on to.

If you don’t have stairs or a fence where they can hold on too, by themselves.. 
Push 20-inch wooden stakes vertical, 6 inches or deeper into the pot/ground next to your cucumber plant.

Tie horizontal wire or string along the top end of each stake. You might need to add additional stakes for stability of the growing string.

Cucumbers are capable of growing in to big vines, so more the place you will give them to flourish, more they will grow. You just need to watch them regularly and guide them.. they can hold on to anything they get their hands on.
When I mean anything.. I mean anything they get!

Can you see, how they have tried to hold on to anything that comes in their way.. but slowly you could open them up and take them, where you want to.

Best part about growing cucumbers is the yellow flowers it produces before the fruit.

WAITING eagerly for fruits to come now. :))

Another interesting part of cucumbers.. I saw their roots were coming out of the pots.

CAN You Imagine, how long the roots of cucumber plants are. Well That’s what nature is all about. One learn new things every day 🙂


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