Growing Capsicums and Chiliies :)


Capsicums (aka peppers) are warm season crops and really need to be left to mid spring before planting in cooler climates. Although they are technically perennial plants (go dormant in winter and regrow the following season) they are generally less productive in successive years and are best replaced each season with fresh seedlings. But keeping Mumbai weather in mind, which has summers all along, I will let you know how they perform here.

Position: Full Sun to partial shade, protected from strong wind. (though they are doing wonderful in extreme wind)

Feeding: They  love calcium, (so some egg shells in the soil, will do wonders)

Growing requirements for Capsicums is exactly like chilies.
So much so that they even look alike, produces same kind of flowers too. If you end up growing them together, one has to mark which one is chili and which one is capsicum. As they both look the same till they produces their respective fruits. 

I love their leaves, they get curled up.. and they have this certain character to them. You can’t, can’t grow them.



As far as staking them is concern, when there are lot of fruits, the branch starts to fall on the side. At that time, use a wooden stick or bamboo and place it 3 inch apart from the plant and tie it with a string. EASY-PEASY!

PS: Did you know, If you leave capsicums to ripe, they start to change their color, from Green – Yellow – Red and then Chocolate color. (Of Course it depends what kind of Capsicums you sowed).



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