I remember the first time I saw Celosia, I literally whistled looking at them. If you need a plant to trip on, Celosia is the one! 😉

I loved the way it looked, and I loved the way it felt – like ruffled velvet.

These beautiful looking flowers with no fragrance at all are surely worth to stay in your garden. 
So, what did I do!? Of course, I Planted them!

Same easy procedure, good soil, drain-able pots, small tiny seeds sprinkled on top of the soil, cover it with thin layer of compost and in few days, here they were!

Seedlings of Celosia

Too many seedlings in one Pot! You know the trick, it was time to separate them and give each one them individual space so they could grow comfortably.

Here! All your work is done. Celosia is a low-maintenance plant that will bloom throughout the season, prefer light that is filtered. Sunlight, though not direct, is important to them. Often morning sun, because it is not as strong as afternoon sun, can be considered part sun or part shade.

After 3 Weeks, in their individual plants, they were thriving and after another week, one could see heads of the flowers emerging making their green leaves look even greener.  


Even on a gray, rainy day, the oddly shaped flowers of celosia are a vibrant spot of color in the summer garden. And they bloom in different colors red, pink,  orange, yellow, purple and white depending on variety.
They will do wonders in summer and can’t handle Winters to save their lives. So remember, they bloom in April to October.
Again, Me living in a sub-tropical city like Mumbai, will let you know how they do when weak winter hits this city.

Today they look like this 🙂

Celosia comes from the Greek word κηλος, pronounced kelos, meaning burned, referring to the flower heads that look like flames.
Well they kind of actually do!

PS: They are also called, Cockscomb. ;p

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