Growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in Mumbai.

      “Why try to explain miracles, when you can just plant a garden.”

On April 10th, 2013 something happen to me. I am always been a nature person,believed in Universe. Always believed sea, trees, plants should be worshiped. But never planted a plant. bought many, gave water to them, but planted.. Never!

And then something happened. I wanted to grow. So I bought bunch of seeds.. Now I am trying to grow…. basil, cucumbers, sunflower, potulacas, thyme, california bluebells, chillies, tomatoes, beet, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, capsicum, calendula and many more. its been one and half month and this is how my garden looks like. 

5 responses to “Growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in Mumbai.

  1. Hey awesome garden! You know what I started gardening this year as well and with a vengeance after having loved gardens all my life. I started tracking my progress. Check it out as well and leave me a comment. I would love feedback. Also let me know what you are planning post monsoon. I aim to make a full herbarium with all the herbs I can possibly grow. I am in Pune!

    • Hi, Thank you so much! Trying my best to do what I can. Gardening is so beautiful! hope you have a wonderful time. checked your blog, quite interesting.:) keep it going!!

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