OKRA/LADY FINGER/BHINDI

Which kid in India didn’t choose Okra as their favorite vegetable at some point of time in their lives!?
My husband shouts from behind, Me!!! I never liked this slimy Vegetable!
Liar! I told him, You are the one who loves those fried Bhindi.
Yeah! “Fried once are Nice.” he said sheepishly.
Hence my conclusion is, Everyone loves OKRA aka BHINDI (as they call it in India) Well I don’t know about you, But I love them!

Fry ’em, pickle ’em or sauté ’em with corn, tomatoes, bacon. Make it a meat gravy with them or eat them as a separate vegetable. This one’s is everyone’s favorite.   

In the southern states, okra is a familiar garden vegetable but it is rarely found planted in colder parts of the country. Me living in Mumbai, once again, blessed with the climate, decided it’s time to sow OKRA.

I used party paper cups, filled them with good soil, sowed the seeds (Push about 1-2 cm deep) and let nature do it’s course. And in few days, there were here.. excited to be out.

after 4 days

and then after few more days.

Okra needs full sun. It will grow in ordinary garden soil but does better, when fed well with fertilizers. 

Some says, Rub each seed across a file or a piece of sandpaper before planting to wear away some of the seed’s surface, allowing for easier sprouting to occur. 
You can soak the seeds overnight in tepid water to help speed up germination.
So they say, I didn’t do any of that.

Well, After few days, I separated the seedlings in different pots. 

And then in another couple of weeks.

After 6 weeks.

 And then comes my favorite time of their lives. BLOOMING TIME!

Each flower blooms for only one day and eventually forms one okra pod. Seems like a quite a job for them, but they flower fast and bloom everyday, So one doesn’t have to worry about the quantity.

The best part of growing this vegetable is, The first harvest will be ready in about 2 months after planting. Yes! Only after two months!

They may not be what’s best in your small-scale garden, but if you can afford medium size 3 plants for OKRA, this perennials (that is, plants that don’t die after just one season or year) is a great idea because they continue to give vegetables year after year.(providing you are living in a hot climate)



  1. Wow the flowers are so beautiful. Thanks for all the info. And want to really thank you for telling me about the garlic chilly spray to get rid of worms. It worked wonders. My plant is alive today just because of you.

  2. Yes! OKRA is a member of the cotton and hibiscus family hence the beautiful flowers :)And I am glad the spray work 🙂 Yesterday, One of my friend said, Having a green thumb is such a myth, the only thing plants need is care and love, if you can provide that, you have a Green Thumb. HAPPY GERMINATING 🙂

  3. Okra was one of my MOST FUN crops. The aphids were bad on the undersides of the leaves, but I used a safe soap spray to keep them away. Okra is so amazing. You are making me miss all my vegetable growing. I grow in pots too (tires and 5 gallon buckets). I’m gonna have to get myself in gear and plant some vegies!!! Thanks for inspiring me!

    • I have never grown anything in tires.. I think, it’s a wonderful idea. I will surely try it. 🙂
      Okra was fun for me too. especially the flowers. They are so beautiful.

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