Dianthus Flower

                                                                      DIANTHUS :

DSC_2292 DSC_2291




DIANTHU! This  good looking shrub doesn’t need big space or big pots :)) Which means, get ready to Germinate!!!

Once again, super duper easy, ready to bloom from seeds in less than 2 months. YES! less than couple of months.



                               Picture taken on 12th august.



                                            After a month.

DSC_2396 DSC_2288





IF you want to enjoy different shades of Pinks in your garden in no time this is the plant for you.

Talking about Pinks, Do you know Dianthus are also called PINKS, have pink flowers but they can range from white to red or purple or have a blend of colors in the flowers.

The edges of the flower petal looks like af if they are trimmed with pink shears.

Dianthus is a genus of about 300 species of mostly low-growing plants, including annuals, biennials and perennials, that are native to Europe and Asia.  Dianthus plants grow easily from seeds sown indoors in trays or sown directly outdoors.

Even perennial dianthus species and cultivars do not live for more than a few years. So, in general, it is desirable to start the plants early and enjoy the flowers they produce their first year. Biennial dianthus also should be treated like annuals and encouraged to flower their first year. Annual dianthus have the longest flowering season, but, because they are annuals, they live only one year. Many kinds of dianthus reseed themselves.

DO YOU KNOW : some say the word Pink was derived from DIANTHUS.







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