Heating pads, post frost, Pre frost….  Seriously! That was one of the reason I got in to gardening. Whenever I wanted to check what can be grown and how… Internet always gave me information on sow seeds after frost is gone. SERIOUSLY! I live in a tropical city. We don’t get frost here, we are worried about too much Sun.

When I wanted to check, how to grow Petunias, I always got the information that they take forever to grow from seeds. some said, 10-12 weeks. LIARS! Or should I say sorry that you all live in a cold climate. In Mumbai, My Petunias were flowering in 4-5 weeks! YES FLOWERING!

Petunias do best in full sun, but can handle partial shade, especially in hotter areas. Petunia seed needs light to germinate, so don’t cover the seed. Sprinkle it on top of the soil and pat lightly, for good contact. They also prefer warmer temperatures for germination. So keep them outside, while they are in their germinating period keep then in Partial shade as direct sun could burn all your seeds.  Once the seed has germinated, move them where they get good amount of Sun.

After sowing the seeds… in few days… seedlings arrived.


Petunias seedlings

Petunias seedlings

They grow on a whoop speed…  after another week. That’s how they look like.

DSC_2463 DSC_2464DSC_2608

After they grew to this size… I thought… why not transplant one of the seedlings to another plant, so I could have Petunias in two pots.

Well, here is the mistake I made and please don’t repeat what I did. Petunias HATE HATE transfers. They love the home they are sown in. Hence this happened to my plant which got shifted.


Yes! it dried out and never came back to life. Thankfully I didn’t shifted them all.

So, in another week… they had started showing,  wonderful looking buds.

DSC_2611 DSC_2610 DSC_2609

Buds have purple topping… and it looked beautiful. But when the flowers came they were Vibrant Pink.


DSC_2621 DSC_2647 DSC_2648

As you can see there are many more buds.. and many more flowers to come. This is the best Plant to be sown in hanging basket. I won’t dare to shift them 😉 But when you plan to sow them… remember to use hanging basket.

After few months:)



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