Candytuft Flowers


Candytuft flowers

These plants are terrific eye candy for the garden, the name actually originated from Candia, or Crete, from whence it came to England. The ‘tufts’ arise from the clusters of flowers–or some may say, the tufted growth. Annual, perennial and evergreen types comprise the approximately 40 species of these charming, reliable flowering plants from Western Europe.

Some says, These flowers  has another advantage, it won’t take long to flower. hmmm…. not really! Seedlings started in May 2013 and they started flowering in Dec. PHEW! quite some wait.

Candytuft care is easy-
Well drained pots,alkaline soil, sunny location and you will have beautiful flowers growing in your garden.

Candytuft flowers look lovely spilling over a wall or draping from a hanging basket.

These fragrant blossoms are generally quite compact, and come in shades of deep purple and faint lilac, red and maroon, pink and white.








In the summertime, rounded clusters of four-petaled flowers open on short stems holding them above the foliage. They are sometimes fragrant, and you can promote continued blooming by dead heading.

OVERVIEW – Candytuft is a flower for warmer areas, when its a perennial, it grows for many years. In colder areas, it is an annual, lasting just one year, after which it must be re-seeded. Honestly, if you have less space in your garden, there are better flowers to grow.


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