Torenia flowers

Torenia flowers

Has a shorter, upright habit with flowers in shades of lavender and rose and white, usually with a pale throat and a bright yellow dot in the center of the lower petal.


If planted in the boarder, use it along shady edges and be prepared to give it plenty of water when things heat up. Torenia can self seed, but not to the point of nuisance. The flowers last quite awhile when cut.

Torenia does not transplant well, so seeds should be planted straight to the pot. As far as size of Pot is concern, good width but low height will be perfect for breath taking Torenia. Pinching when a couple of inches high will help to create a bushier plant, like many other plant.

Aside from keeping Torenia well watered, there isn’t much maintenance necessary. There’s really no need to deadhead. They’ll keep on blooming unless they get to hot to set buds.

There are lot of flowers having similarities with this one. All are called commonly as Wishbone flower.  This flower is also known as “Heart Leaf Torenia” for it’s heart shaped leafs.

It is a weed flower but never reported as invasive. This is widely available at our country. Flower use to bloom during the time around rainy season. Other flowers which are similar to this one are very tiny and people overlook that. But this one is slight larger and hard to ignore.

Torenia is a summer annual, native to Africa and Asia but with proper care, Torenia can be easily cultivated in any temperate areas. It loves hot and humid weather, and grows well in semi-shaded location. Torenia plants stand 8-12 inches high and bush out 6 inches wide. Torenias make good companion plants for impatiens and ferns. In clusters of three or more, they look beautifully when grown in woodland bowers, rock gardens, borders, pots, and along paths or walkways or even hanging baskets.



Torenia Seedlings

Torenia Seedlings


Torenia with new buds

Torenia with new buds


Torenia buds opening

Torenia buds opening

Torenia Flowers

Torenia Flowers







2 responses to “TORENIA FLOWERS!

  1. Good job with your germinating Torenia. I think I prefer Impatiens walleriana, but those can no longer be planted because of killer downy mildew. Do you have that problem in India?

    • Hi, Thank you so much for stopping by. I am a big fan of your blog. 🙂
      Impatiens walleriana are beautiful too 🙂 I am growing some right now 🙂 Mildew problem is there in India as well, so far the only plant which has got most effected by mildew are my zuccini’s I have tried to plant them 3 times, every time the plant becomes big, starts to flower but never reach to the stage of producing vegetables… it always get attack by Mildew. Well crazy Mildew is unable to break my spirit. I would try again and again. :))

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