It’s time for Balcony Gardening!

Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden

Hi guys,

I know it’s been long since I wrote here. But trust me, I have my reasons. 10 months ago, I got shifted from a big bunglow terrace house to a 1 bhk apartment and my terrace got replaced by a balcony. But then, someone really smart one once said,

“Giving up on your goal for one setback is like slashing your other three tires when one tire is flat”

SO I Am Back! And more charged than ever. As gardening became even more challenging. You wonder why?

living in mumbai, in tiny flats, the one thing we all face is your house owner or society people telling you not to over water your plant so water doesn’t spill as if not having enough place was not a problem enough. But then again, little bit of sun in your balcony and you will be surprised what all you can grow in your tiny balcony.

You don’t believe me? check it out!

wpid-20150210_100817.jpg wpid-20150118_181134.jpg wpid-20150210_100824.jpg wpid-20150210_100832.jpg wpid-20150210_100845.jpg wpid-20150210_100904.jpg wpid-20150210_100909.jpg

We will be coming soon to tell you, what to grow more and how. Stay in touch amigos, Because it’s always Happy Germinating!!!


3 responses to “It’s time for Balcony Gardening!

  1. Shipra your posts have helped me so much. This month i had some 40 bok choys (distributed loads of it 🙂 then had cauliflowers. Fenugreek, now kerela is sprouting. So happy to see mehnat rang laayi… Thanks for your help.

  2. You know what! Awesome! I shifted from a balcony house where I had a garden to an even tinier 1bhk in Mumbai without even a balcony, but you made me feel I must persist still! Thank you!

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